How it all Started

Spark Sport Grips are inspired by a young girl’s interest in cricket, and her father Sam’s desire to help her play the game.


Some aspects of sport come naturally to young children, but positioning hands around a bat, racquet or stick does not. As an experienced coach and educator, Sam knew that once children learn how to grasp the grip correctly, the rest of the game falls into place.


His first step was to draw his daughter’s hand shape onto an old cricket bat grip while she held it in the ideal position. This helped his daughter practice the proper grip, which soon felt normal and natural to her. As Sam had predicted, her overall game followed suit and Spark Sports Grips were born : ) 

We are Spark Cricket bats for kids
Cricket bats for kids - we are spark

The beginnings of Spark

The initial success led Sam to develop a complete method that allowed others to pursue simple, straightforward self-development.

When his prototype of a textured 3-D sports grip guide produced even better results than simply tracing his daughter’s hand, Sam realised that he’d developed a training tool that could benefit athletes of all ages in a variety of sports and abilities, from cricket, tennis, hockey and padel.

Though our product line has expanded since Sam first took up his daughter’s texta, our goal has remained the same:

To make sport attractive and accessible to all.

We are spark - sports grips encourage kids to play sports
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We Are Spark - Australian Made

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Our patented Spark Guide Grips welcome children of all abilities to pick up a bat, racquet, stick or padel with confidence. Spark Grips are perfect to take your game to the next level!