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We’re levelling the playing field so everyone has a sporting chance.
We are Spark - Sports grips for kids

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Spark Grips take your game to the next level! 

Build your child's confidence & sports skills sooner

Lasts up to 5 x longer than any other sports grip

Provides a point of safety for your child

Easy to apply to kids cricket bats, racquets, or sticks

Flex your style on the field

Spark Sports Grips Clubs & Schools

Spark was created to ignite a new generation of grass-root players

We’ve created grips like you’ve never seen before.

Our patented Spark Guide Grips welcome children of all abilities to pick up a bat, racquet, stick or padel with confidence, while our Spark Grips are perfect to take your game to the next level while adding cool style and functionality to the pitch.

We are Spark - thumbs up for kids sports


Love these grips! It made playing tennis super easy and we can see Millie's confidence growing day by day.

Age 7
We are Spark - star players


We have enjoyed seeing our daughter improve her cricket skills since adding the Spark Cricket Guide Grip.

Age 10
We are Spark - thumbs up for kids sports


My son loves having the Spark Grip on his cricket bat, it has really helped him develop his cricket skills and it looks cool!

Age 12

About Us

Spark was inspired by a young girl’s interest in cricket, and her father Sam’s desire to help her play the game.

We are Spark - Guides to help kids better cricket bat grips
How it Started

In his role as a coach and educator, our Founder made it his mission to support females in sport.

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We are Spark - Guides to help kids better tennis
Meet the Team

With a breadth of experience, our talented team champions inclusion and self-expression.

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We are Spark - Guides to help kids better tennis
In the Media

We're working on some exciting announcements coming soon. Check in shortly for the latest news. 

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